Learn to Lead

Learn to Lead

Want to Lead? Learn to Influence

I offer workshops and coaching services to new and experienced leaders who are ready to learn the real secret to successful leadership and goal achievementINFLUENCE.

Why Influence?

Influence: a method of communicating that leads to change in a person’s motivations and behaviors, even your own.

It can be difficult to achieve goals when motivations and behaviors of people you rely on become obstacles to achieving those goals. And, yes, even your own behaviors can interfere. By applying appropriate influence with the right people, you make it easier for them to align with achieving your team goals. Who are the right people? Anyone who can affect your goal achievement efforts, including team members, peers, executives, other departments, customers, and suppliers, among others – and don’t forget yourself. With the right influence skills you can:

  • overcome resistance to change
  • increase motivation
  • manage conflict
  • navigate silos
  • negotiate agreement

If you are accountable for leading teams to achieve goals, you have a choice: learn to lead with influence or leave it to chance and put your goals and leadership role at risk.

Services Designed for You

Leadership development must recognize and accommodate our individual learning styles and goals. If it doesn’t, we have difficulty retaining and applying what we’ve learned. Self-confidence, the confidence others have in us, and the return on time and money invested in leadership development suffer.

To reinforce retention and the ability to apply what is learned, I adapt my services to each client’s needs. I begin with a core 5-module set of content, exercises, and discussion covering the key topics of influential leadership. Then I design the workshop or coaching to reflect (1) a real-world leadership challenge you or your group face today, and (2) individual participant learning styles and goals. Here’s how it works:

Start with core content…

Module 1: Influence and Leadership

Learn how influence works, why people follow certain leaders, the value of diversity and ethical leadership, and why one leadership style is not effective in all situations.

Module 2: About You

After a brief Keirsey Temperament assessment, learn your natural Keirsey Temperament, communication style, and leadership style.

Understand what drives your core behaviors (what you say and do), why you communicate well with some people and not others, and what it takes to adapt your style to more easily communicate with and lead others.

Module 3: About Others

Learn about different Keirsey Temperaments, communication styles, and leadership styles you may encounter when working with and leading others.

Learn why core behaviors (what people say and do) vary, what drives resistance to and acceptance of change, and how to identify someone’s temperament, communication style, and leadership style when you don’t have their assessment.

Module 4: Influencing Individuals

Learn communication, problem solving, and decision making skills to help you:

  • recognize a person’s internal obstacles to you or your team achieving goals, including low motivation, resistance to change, silo mentality, and others
  • discover their obstacles’ root causes
  • develop solutions that best fit that person’s temperament, natural strengths, and capabilities
  • work effectively with them during the process by adapting your communication style and behaviors to be compatible with theirs
Module 5: Influencing Groups and Organizations

Learn how leaders scale their influence efforts from the individual to group and organization levels

…and then adapt it

Real-World Leadership Challenge

Choose a real-world leadership issue faced by all participants today. Examples include overcoming resistance to change, navigating silos when you need help from others, or dealing with low motivation, among others.

By weaving the challenge into content, exercises, and discussion, participants learn how to handle a very relevant and relatable issue.

Keirsey Temperament Assessment

,Participants receive an email link to a 10-15 min Keirsey Temperament Assessment and instructions for completing it. Once completed participants:

  • access reports describing their Keirsey Temperament, communication style, and leadership style
  • have a 30-minute one-on-one call

This allows me to learn their temperament, get to know their individual expectations, and answer questions before the workshop.

Workshop & Coaching Design

I adapt content, exercises, discussion, and my teaching approach to accommodate the real-world challenge, as well as participant temperaments, communication and leadership styles, learning styles, and expectations.

Why Keirsey Temperament?

As a Keirsey Temperament CertifiedTM Professional, I incorporate the Keirsey Temperament assessment into workshops and coaching. Understanding your temperament is the key to understanding your communication style, others you encounter, how they compare, and how to leverage that knowledge to adjust your communication approach for maximum effectiveness.

More than 100 million people – from 170+ countries – have experienced Keirsey. Many organizations use the Keirsey approach, including 75% of the Fortune 500, all branches of the U.S. Military, educational institutions, and others.

Ready to Learn? 


1. Choose your program

Influence for Leaders Workshop

for small groups and teams

Standard Workshop (in person; 1 or  more days*):

  • Keirsey Temperament, Communication & Leadership Style Assessments
  • Keirsey Group/Team Style Assessment
  • 5-Module Influence for Leaders workshop adapted to reflect:
    • a real-world leadership challenge faced by your organization
    • individual participant learning styles and goals
  • One 30-minute online Coaching Session for each participant before the workshop
  • Two 1-hour online Coaching Sessions for each participant following the workshop

Level up with:

  • A Personalized Development Plan for each participant
  • Additional Coaching Sessions

*Duration depends upon number of participants and goals to be accomplished

Influence for Leaders Coaching

for individuals

Standard Package:

  • Keirsey Temperament, Communication & Leadership Style Assessments
  • Relevant content from 5-Module Influence for Leaders workshop adapted to reflect:
    • a real-world leadership challenge you want to overcome
    • your learning style
  • Three 1-hour online Coaching Sessions

Level up with:

  • A Personalized Development Plan
  • Additional Coaching Sessions
  • In Person meetings where available

2. Contact me to learn more or to explore other options

including Speaking Engagements and Special Programs for Tech Support Teams